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The microcredit company VAYVND issues microloans to individuals online and in branches.
The microcredit company FinaGuru issues short-term and long-term online loans to individuals. The organization does not have a branch network; it operates remotely via the Internet.
Creditnice is a microfinance company operating since 2013. It specializes in loans with online processing, including to pay for purchases from partners; it also issues virtual credit cards and provides credit lines.
Creditify is a service for issuing urgent online loans to a bank card. You can take out a loan on a card from this company for various purposes. Income certificates and guarantors are not required.

Promotions and valid promotional codes for loans

Borrowers do not have many opportunities to save on loans. And one of these is promotional codes for microloans. They allow you to get a discount on the amount of interest charged. However, there is one catch: not all companies offer promotional codes and it is not always clear where and how to get them. We have selected all promotional codes for loans that are valid for both new borrowers and regular ones. To receive a discount, just select a company, go to its website and apply using a coupon.

What is a promotional code for an online loan and why is it needed?

A promotional code for a loan is a set of symbols, the use of which at the time of applying for a loan allows you to receive one or another privilege or benefit, for example, a discount on interest charged. Promotional codes for loans have established rules of use:

  • validity;
  • limitation on the number of uses;
  • discount amounts.

A discount using a promotional code for a loan can be provided in a fixed amount, for example, -10% of the bet amount, or in a floating amount, that is, depending on your luck: from -10% to -50% of the bet.

Promotional codes for online loans

The purpose of promotional codes is a marketing campaign from microfinance organizations, which is aimed at attracting new clients, encouraging existing borrowers and increasing consumer activity. The use of credit promotional codes encourages borrowers to apply for loans more often, for larger amounts, and to popularize the services of microcredit companies, attracting new clients to the company.

The borrower decides independently and voluntarily whether to use or not to use a promotional code for a loan. Use is not mandatory, but many MFO clients want to do this because they will have the opportunity to save on the loan.

Not all microfinance organizations offer promotional codes to their clients. But even those companies that conduct events such as distributing promotional codes for loans set restrictions on the number of such promotions or on the possibilities of their use.

A promotional code for a loan is needed for those who plan to contact a credit company and would like to save on interest.

Get promotional codes for loans online

Finding a promotional code for an online loan is not always easy. Sometimes microfinance organizations post such an offer in the form of a banner that pops up on the website at the time of submitting an application or even immediately after visiting the page. But, as a rule, the consumer needs to fulfill certain conditions, for example:

  • subscribe to the newsletter and then the code may come in an email from the microfinance organization;
  • follow the news on the pages of credit companies on social networks, where the administration often posts auction coupons;
  • perform certain actions, for example, leave a review or repay an existing loan on time and receive a discount code for the next one;
  • find it on the Internet, for example, on special services or on this page, where we have collected all the current and current promotional codes for loans;
  • invite a friend as part of a special referral program from a credit company and receive a discount: one for yourself with a discount on a loan, the other for a friend who will apply for a loan from an MFO.

How to use promo codes for online loans to get a discount

Using promotional codes often does not require any special effort. As a general rule, the borrower should:

Receive promotional codes for loans online using one of the available methods.

Select the amount and loan term on the main page of the microfinance organization using the online calculator.

In a special field, which can be labeled “I have a promotional code” or “Use”, enter the code.

Continue applying for the loan as usual.

What to do if the loan discount did not work?

The borrower will find out that the promo code for the loan worked and the discount will be received by reading the calculation of the online calculator. Immediately after applying the code, the total amount of overpayment will be reduced by the amount of the discount provided. This may not happen for the following reasons:

The code was entered incorrectly, there was an error in the symbols. Fixing the problem is simple; just double-check the character set and correct the error.

The terms of use have expired. There’s nothing you can do about it, all you have to do is either apply for a loan on a general basis, or look for a valid promotional code for a loan, or wait for a new one.

The code is personalized and belongs to a specific person. Sometimes microfinance organizations send out personal promotions for their regular clients. The use of such a code is available only to the recipient.

Valid and up to date, but the borrower is using it in the wrong MFO. It is worth carefully checking which company issued the code and applying for an online loan there.

What conditions are available if you use a promotional code for a loan?

Promotional codes for credit can be available to both new and regular customers. The terms of the loan depend on who uses the discount coupon. New borrowers usually have access to:

  • amount up to 100-1000$
  • terms up to 1 month;
  • rate from 1% per day, while it can reduce the rate to 50% of the base rate, thus, obtaining a loan is possible at 0.5% per day.

There is one important feature of lending for new MFO borrowers – the opportunity to get a loan with almost no interest. This benefit is provided only once and then only in the case of obtaining the first loan. The rate in this case is set at only 0.01% per day. It is valid subject to timely repayment of the debt.

What to do if there is no promotional code for a microloan and how to get a discount in such a situation?

If the borrower does not have a promotional code for the loan, but does not want to pay high interest rates on the loan, then you can get a discount in one of the following ways:

  • become a regular client of one microfinance organization that has a loyalty program that provides for improved lending conditions for borrowers, including a reduction in the interest rate for each subsequent loan;
  • participate in promotions dedicated to certain events, for example, the New Year or March 8, and receive money at promotional reduced rates.

Another simple and clear way to get a profitable loan is to choose a current offer on the best terms. To borrow money at a minimum rate, you just need to choose this lending option and apply for it.

Promotional codes for microloans are beneficial to both borrowers and lenders. The former attract and encourage customers, the latter save on loans. Using it brings only advantages, and therefore, if there is such an opportunity, then it is worth taking advantage of it.

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