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Top Betting Sites
The microcredit company VAYVND issues microloans to individuals online and in branches.
The microcredit company FinaGuru issues short-term and long-term online loans to individuals. The organization does not have a branch network; it operates remotely via the Internet.
Creditnice is a microfinance company operating since 2013. It specializes in loans with online processing, including to pay for purchases from partners; it also issues virtual credit cards and provides credit lines.
Creditify is a service for issuing urgent online loans to a bank card. You can take out a loan on a card from this company for various purposes. Income certificates and guarantors are not required.

Online loans to cards from microfinance


This type of lending has become very popular among Ukrainian borrowers over the past few years. Such loans are also called microloans or payday loans. As a rule, it is characterized by the following possibilities: loan term – up to 14-20 days, amount – up to $1000. Most companies have developed loyalty programs that allow you to increase the amount and term of the loan to regular customers for a second and subsequent loans. Most companies operate online and issue loans immediately to any bank card, which is a definite advantage, since you can get a loan without leaving home or work, saving your time, or if you are unable to drive to a company branch. Some companies have a network of branches in large, medium-sized cities, and satellite cities, where you can talk “live” with a specialist and get a cash loan. Surely you have seen branches of such companies in places with high human traffic: near the metro, markets, shopping centers, municipal transport interchange hubs. The signs of such companies are full of slogans: “Money before payday”, “Fast loans”, “Credit in 15 minutes”, “Borrow money”, “Fast money”, etc.

The main advantages of microcredit are the factors of speed and minimum requirements for the borrower, the absence of paperwork, without a certificate of income. Review of applications and issuance of money (if approved) takes place within 20-30 minutes. Borrowers are subject to very modest requirements:

  • Age 18-70 years
  • Passport with residence permit or registration
  • Tax identification code
  • Having a permanent income from work. In this case, you do not need to present a certificate of income. To confirm your income, you just need to indicate the number of your work colleague so that he can confirm that you really work for the specified company
  • Loans are considered and issued even to borrowers with a bad credit history

One of the disadvantages of this type of lending is inflated interest rates compared to bank lending. Rates on fast microloans vary from 1 to 2% per day. Many microfinance organizations use the principle of reducing the rate depending on the term and amount of the loan. However, despite the high interest rate, quick lending will be a suitable option if you need a small amount of money for a short period of time. What problem situations can microcredit solve?

  • A typical, banal life situation of lack of money before payday.
  • Lack of money for a bargain. A very common situation is when stores hold tempting sales, but the full amount to buy a long-desired laptop or smartphone is not enough.

Of course, you can argue that you can borrow from relatives, friends or work colleagues. But what if they can’t borrow? Or does a person’s pride simply not allow him to ask for a loan? After all, everyone has long known the old folk wisdom: “If you want to lose a friend, lend him money.” Therefore, for many people, the option of quick lending will be a very acceptable result.

Long-term loans for large amounts from banks and microfinance organizations

Despite the convenience and growth of the fast online lending market, bank loans occupy a significant market share. Yes, many are scared by paperwork and the need to visit a branch to sign an agreement, but if you are interested in loan amounts of several tens of thousands of hryvnia for up to several years, then bank lending will be the best option. Such loans are taken when amounts from $1,000 to $50,000 are needed. Effective rates up to 120% per year (50-60% per year is a good rate).

The purposes of such loans may be:

  • Repair
  • Starting or developing a small business
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Report before purchasing property
  • Studies
  • Urgent treatment
  • Rest

Most banks currently process applications online. This is very convenient, since you do not need to visit a bank branch to submit an application. Just go to the bank’s website, fill out a short form and submit your online application for consideration.

The application is reviewed and approved remotely, and you only need to visit a bank branch to sign an agreement and receive money.

Credit cards

Credit cards have gained widespread popularity all over the world due to their convenience, as you always have the right amount at hand. The main advantages of getting a credit card:

  • Money is always at hand, but you only pay interest when you use the money
  • Small percentage for use (3-5% per month)
  • The presence of a grace period is a grace period during which no interest is charged for use. Usually up to 60-90 days
  • Bonus programs.
  • Fast registration. The most popular Ukrainian banks have brought the time for issuing a credit card to a minimum, which is comparable to issuing a microloan.
  • Security. It is known that it is much more difficult to steal money from a card, and if the card is lost, the money will also remain safe
  • Worldwide use. In case of a foreign trip, there is no need to buy currency, since even with a hryvnia card you can pay in any country in the world, and the bank will write off the funds in the card currency at the current bank rate.

To apply for a credit card, you also do not need to go to a branch. Simply fill out an online application on the bank’s website and wait for approval. Many banks practice free card delivery, so you can arrange everything without leaving your home.

Interest rate

The maximum loan interest rate (APR) in the companies presented on the service is 730% per annum.
Current trends in the lending market have affected the work of lenders. In most cases, processing applications and making a decision on issuing loans occurs without the need to come to a bank or microfinance institution, and to process the application you will need to provide a minimum of information.

  • Passport details
  • Identification code
  • Confirmation of earned income. A certificate of income is not required; it is enough to provide the number of a work colleague so that he can confirm that you really work

How to choose the best loan or credit online?

Use our service to choose the best and most suitable loan option for you. Compare the term, amount, rates of different financial companies, as well as the repayment period, methods of issuance, level of approval, the possibility of extending the loan or early repayment. The service will even show overpayments from different companies.

Explore reviews from other bank clients and borrowers to choose the best loan product offer. Leave your feedback and ratings, this will help improve our rating of banks.

A few tips before taking out an online loan or urgent loan:

  • Check the company in the registry. All banks must have a license; this will help in choosing a reliable company.
  • Compare different online loans and loans before making a decision and submitting an application. Some companies give customers their first loan for free, which is significantly better than any other interest rate.
  • Study reviews of companies on the portal, how quickly they issue loans, and what problems may arise when receiving them.
  • If you urgently need money, then taking an urgent loan or an online loan is a quick way out of the situation.

The better online lending:

  • Minimum documents, all data is filled out in an online form. Many companies issue money only based on passport data and do not require copies or originals. Compare several companies and you will be able to see what documents are needed to obtain loans from a particular microfinance organization.
  • You can get money quickly, you don’t even need to go anywhere. A quick loan will be sent to your card within 10 minutes after your application is approved! Don’t believe it? But it’s true!
  • Repaying loans and borrowings has also become more convenient and faster. Now you will definitely be reminded that the repayment period has come and will be offered several options on how to repay the debt.
  • If something goes wrong, you can always write a review about the company or complain about it, also without leaving your couch!

Do they give you a loan without official work?

Lack of official work is not always the reason for refusal from a financial company. It often happens that a citizen has an income, but he is not officially employed. Some companies may lend money in this situation. If a citizen does not have any opportunity to earn money, then such applications will most likely lead to refusal in all companies. It is important to repay debt on time to keep your credit history in good shape.

What documents are needed? Is it possible to get a loan with a passport?

Many microfinance companies provide loans that can be obtained by filling out a form on the company’s website and adding only your passport information. There are those who require more documents, such as a driver’s license. Some even ask for a selfie photo with a passport. Our portal provides the most complete information about what documents are needed when applying for a loan from companies.

Is it possible to apply online for a loan to all banks?

You can, but this does not guarantee that your application will be approved and you will receive money. More likely, this will end with many calls from different banks and their partners. Also, each bank checks your credit history and these checks will also subsequently appear in it. There is a service on our website where you can leave an application to all banks. But we recommend choosing 2-3 banks, comparing their offers and choosing the one that suits you best.

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